The Library

The library occupies the second and third floors of the multi-function building. The second floor accommodates a reading room, open-access bookshelves, a book-lending counter, lounge chairs for reading (approximately 55 seats), an A/V viewing corner, the Library Committee Room and the Librarian’s Room. The third floor includes the stacks and a browsing room where newspapers, magazines and comic books are available for reading. The library’s collection comprises approximately 58,000 volumes, including approximately 40,000 books in open access.

Guide to Use of the Library

Hours of operation

Monday to Thursday 8:10AM to 4:45PM
Friday 8:10AM to 3:30PM
Saturday 8:10AM to 1:45PM

*Opening time is 8:40AM during the third trimester (winter time)

Lending of media

Up to three books (for 2 weeks)

Books are lent out during lunch hour and after classes are dismissed.
Magazines (except the most recent issue) and A/V media can also be borrowed.
Separate arrangements are made during the summer and winter holidays.

If a student wants to read a book that is not available, he can reserve the book or request that the library purchase it.

Activities of the Student Library Committee

The Student Library Committee is composed of interested students from the 2nd year of junior high school to the second year of senior high school. The roles of counter monitor (loans and returns), book-binding monitor, public-relations monitor, magazine monitor and acceptance monitor are divided among the volunteers. The Committee is active once a week during the lunch break and from dismissal to 4PM.
During the summer break the Committee conducts tours of the facilities and holds exchange meetings with other library committees. In the fall all members work on publication of the school's public-relations magazine, Ya.